Veneer Production
Quality manufacture is produced using modern machinery, methods and production control to meet customers specifications.

Calibration of all core materials is carried out to ensure successful pressing and subsequent finish sanding (normal maximum panel width of 1.3 metres).

Application of hardwood lippings by either R.F. heating (for FD30, FD60 door cores) or by edge bander (up to 22mm projection) is carried out.

Veneer preparation is normally by book matching but slip and random methods are also used. Usual maximum prepared length is 3.2 metres and jointing is by a glued method (essential for automated polishing processes).

Pressing is by modern hot water heated platens with glue spread controlled by doctor roller machinery. Normal maximums are 3.1 metres but can be exceeded by double pressing.

Panel dimensioning by panel saw (for low volumes) and by double end dimensioning CNC controlled (for higher volumes).

Final sanding by segment controlled twin head contact machine using grits up 180.
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